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SE4ALL – Supportive Europe for ALL

The SE4ALL Project, was financed by EACEA within the framework of the “Europe for Citizens” Programme 2014-2020, Measure 2.1 “Town-Twinning” and took place in Cautano, a beautiful town in Campania region-Italy, from September 6th-12th  2018.

The seven day International Meeting was hosted by the Project Applicant, the Municipality of Cautano, in strict collaboration with the local associations and volunteers, and was attended by seven European Partners coming from five Countries, and namely from the Municipality of Mielno (Poland), the Municipalities of Repashuta, Bükkaranyos and Bükkszentkereszt (Hungary), the Municipality of Filipstad (Sweden) and the Municipality of Deryneia (Cyprus).

During the Meeting, the international delegates and the local civil authorities were trained both about SE4ALL and about the “Europe for Citizens” Programme 2014-2020, while, on September 9th, there was the core of the event, with the Partners official signature of the “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” that has paved the way to future fruitful collaborations within the framework of European Programmes.

The Mayor of Cautano, Mr. Giuseppe Fuggi stated: “It was an honour to me to have hosted a European event in my city, for the first time ever. Cautano is a small town in the south of Italy and thanks to SE4ALL it gained a great visibility both at national and at European level. I hope that we can be an example for many other small communities like ours to take a first step towards joint actions for a better future of Europe”.

Project summary:



The project «SE4ALL - Supportive Europe for ALL » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens" Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning” Participation: The project involved 280 citizens, notably 100 participants from the city of Cautano (Italy), 30 participants from the city of Mielno (Poland), 30 participants from the city of Repashuta (Hungary), 30 participants from the city of Bükkaranyos (Hungary), 30 participants from the city of Bükkszentkereszt (Hungary), 30 participants from the city of Filipstad (Sweden) and 30 participants from the city of Deryneia (Cyprus). Location/Dates: The event took place in Cautano (Italy), from 06/09/2018 to 12/09/2018 Short description: The day of 06/09/2018 was dedicated to the arrivals, to the welcoming activities and to the official reception of the delegates in the council chambers of the town hall of Cautano. The day of 07/09/2018 was dedicated to the workshops “The birth of Europe from a solidal act" and "Deprivation of Solidarity in the past: Europe before the Union”, to a cultural visit of the city of Cautano and to the show cooking and tasting of typical products at Palazzo Caporaso, with the famous chef Giuseppe Daddio. The day of 08/09/2018 was dedicated to the presentation of the delegations, to the presentation of the Project and of the “Europe for Citizens” Programme, to the speeches by experts on the theme “breaking down the causes that deprive solidarity”, to debates and reflections on the results of the practical activities, to a theme based visit in Benevento with meeting with the Bishop and the Mayor and the Vice-Mayor, to a concert managed by the students of the Conservatory “Nicola Sala” at San Vittorino Monastery, in Benevento. The day of 09/09/2018 was dedicated to an introduction to EU policy-making process, to a seminar on the “EU Polic-making system: How does the EU Work?” and to a cultural visit in Caserta and at the Polish War Cemetery and Memorial in Montecassino. The day of 10/09/2018 was dedicated to an enogastronomic tour of the territory of Cautano with “lunch of the farmer” and to the participation to a running race. The day of 11/09/2018 was dedicated to the official ceremony of the “Signature of Friendship and Cooperation Agreement” and tasting of typical products at the exhibition stands. The day of 12/09/2018 was dedicated to the final brainstorming to set up the network for the next submission of a future project proposal within the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme KA2, and to the departures of the international delegations.


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